Ardis James Q.S.O.S. Scholars

A project of the Quilt Alliance

The Ardis James Q.S.O.S. Scholars Program was created by the Quilt Alliance in 2013. We’ve created this program with the support of the Robert and Ardis James Foundation to support research that draws on the rich resource of over 1,100 Q.S.O.S. interviews collected by the Alliance since 1999. Scholars will use the Quilters’ S.O.S. – Save Our Stories archive to produce original research in forms that interests them, such as essays, exhibitions, curricular materials and even interactive content.

Q.S.O.S. interviewees talk about their quilting and their lives from stories of inspiration found in unlikely places, to comfort during times of grief, to joyful artistic collaboration among friends. It’s a valuable resource for anyone interested in quilts and quiltmakers. It’s our hope that the Ardis James Q.S.O.S. Scholars program will enable quilt scholars to dig into the archive and investigate those stories, making connections between interviews, finding common themes, placing histories in context, and spotlighting incredible moments.

The first three Ardis James Q. S. O. S. Scholars for 2013 are:

July 2013-2

Barbara Brackman, quilt historian, curator and teacher. Barbara is the author of a number of books about quiltmaking and quilt history including the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns and Clues in the Calico: A Guide to Identifying and Dating Antique Quilts and was inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame in 2001.



Christine Humphrey, doctoral student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Christine received her master’s degree in textile history with a quilt studies emphasis at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where her master’s thesis focused on the roots of American quilt documentation projects from 1980-1989.


Merikay Waldvogel

Merikay Waldvogel, author, quilt historian and lecturer. Merikay has written several books about quilts in the 20th century, including Soft Covers for Hard Times: Quiltmaking and the Great Depression and, with Bets Ramsey,Quilts of Tennessee: Images of Domestic Life Prior to 1930. She was inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame in 2009.